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Microneedling Hair Loss Treatments Reno, NV

Microneedling Hair Loss Treatments

Microneedling hair loss treatments are effective non-surgical cosmetic procedures for men and women at Avance Hair Transplant in Reno, Nevada. These procedures are used to treat a variety of aesthetic concerns such as scarring, excessive sweating, acne, stretch marks and hair loss. There are several types of microneedling devices based on the problem being treated. This treatment has become a widely-used, more popular alternative, as it is more affordable and a lower risk than other hair restoration methods.

How Microneedling Hair Loss Treatments Work

Microneedling hair loss treatments can be performed with minimal downtime in about an hour. Microneedle punctures are injected into the scalp’s surface to trigger the body’s wound healing response. The needles are so small that patients can barely feel the punctures on the skin. This can stimulate the production of proteins responsible for the development of new hair follicles. This treatment can be combined with other hair restoration procedures to achieve optimal results.

You will need to follow specific instructions from the plastic surgeon before and after the procedure in order to obtain the desired results. Some redness and discomfort can be expected for several days after treatment, but you may resume normal daily activities immediately. Multiple treatments over the course of several weeks are highly recommended. Results can be noticeable in about eight weeks.

Ideal Candidates for Microneedling Hair Loss Treatment

Men and women diagnosed with androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata or telogen effluvium can benefit the most from microneedling hair loss treatments. To be considered as a candidate, you will need to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in hair restoration. Most non-smokers in good health and with realistic expectations can be considered ideal candidates for this aesthetic procedure.

Interested in Microneedling Hair Loss Treatments?

If you are interested, in-person and virtual consultations are available at Avance Hair Transplant. You can meet with Dr. Erez Dayan to discuss your aesthetic needs and goals and learn about the benefits and risks of the procedure. As a highly credentialed surgeon, Dr. Dayan will be able to recommend a customized treatment plan for your unique needs. Schedule a consultation about microneedling hair loss treatments today.




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