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Hair Transplant Cost Reno, NV

Hair Transplant Cost

Covering the cost for hair restoration can be challenging, as most procedures are not covered by insurance. The procedure can be expensive for many individuals. Costs may vary depending on your specific aesthetic needs and goals. The typical hair transplant cost can be $4,000 or more, especially if combined with other hair restoration methods and techniques.

When considering the cost, you may also want to be aware that it may take multiple treatments over time to achieve your desired results. While complications and revisions from a transplant are rare, these issues can still occur. You may want to keep this in mind when you discuss your option with a surgeon during a consultation.

Payment Options at Avance Hair Transplant

Avance Hair Transplant is an out-of-network provider for hair transplant and restoration procedures with all insurance companies. All forms of standard payments are accepted, such as cash, all major credit cards and cashier’s checks. Financing options are available that can help cover the hair transplant cost for individuals. The staff at Avance Hair Transplant can assist you with the paperwork to start your procedure. Payments should be started a few weeks before your procedure to avoid any potential delays with scheduling.

Hair Transplant Cost Financing Options

Avance Hair Transplant works with multiple reputable medical financing lenders that typically offer instant approval to cover the hair transplant cost. Qualified patients may be eligible for interest-free payback options. You can begin your treatment immediately and pay for it over time with no annual fees. After your consultation, you can schedule an appointment with a financing specialist to help you decide which option is best for you.

Schedule a Hair Transplant Cost Consultation

A hair transplant can be one of the most rewarding financial investments for men and women.
The best way to determine your hair transplant cost is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Erez Dayan at Avance Hair Transplant. During your consultation, Dr. Dayan will discuss your aesthetic goals and explain the benefits and risks of the procedure. You can receive a customized and budget-friendly treatment plan no matter where you live. Schedule a consultation to get help with financing your procedure today.




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