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About Avance Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant Reno, NV

About Avance Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant

If you are struggling with hair loss, hair restoration can change your life in a variety of ways.

Avance Hair Transplant is a premiere hair transplant and restoration medical clinic in Reno, Nevada. The compassionate staff consists of medical professionals who are highly trained in the most advanced aesthetic treatments and uses for aesthetic devices. The facility trains physicians and surgeons from around the world in various fields on hair restoration methods and medicines.

Nevada Hair Restoration Specialists

As Nevada hair restoration specialists, Avance Hair Transplant serves patients all over the world with state-of-the-art technology and advanced surgical procedures. Every hair transplant patient receives the highest caliber of care with a customized plan to meet individual aesthetic needs and goals. At the facility in Nevada, patients receive educational resources to help on the journey toward reaching aesthetic goals. To learn more about what Avance Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant offers to patients, please visit the following links:

About Dr. Erez Dayan

Dr. Erez Dayan is an experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in multiple hair transplant and restoration procedures. Dr. Dayan has shared his research and knowledge across five continents and contributed to multiple books and published articles. Through minimally invasive hair transplant procedures, Dr. Dayan helps patients achieve optimal results without the traditional incisions or downtime necessary with other hair restoration procedures.

Some of the hair transplant procedures Dr. Dayan specializes in follicular unit extraction, follicular unit transfer, PRP injections and microneedling. Dr. Dayan also specializes in bone marrow, stem cell and micro-droplet fat stem cell hair transplant techniques. Non-surgical options can include hormone therapy, Nutrafol supplement and other medical hair growth solutions.

Schedule a Hair Transplant Consultation

Hair transplant specialists at Avance Hair Transplant provide numerous hair transplant and hair restoration procedures for both men and women throughout Nevada and the rest of the United States. Patients receive a customized plan to meet specific aesthetic goals and needs. During a consultation, Dr. Dayan can determine if you are an ideal candidate and discuss the benefits and risks. Discover how hair transplant at Avance Hair Transplant can change your life and boost your self-confidence. Schedule a consultation today.

We provide our surgical and non-surgical patients from all over Nevada including the following cities and surrounding areas:




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