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Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT) Reno, NV

Follicular Unit Transfer (FUT)

Hair loss can occur for both men and women for a multitude of reasons. This hair loss can significantly impact your overall quality of life and relationships. Avance Hair Transplant offers multiple hair restoration treatments to help you in Reno, Nevada. Cosmetic surgical procedures such as a follicular unit transfer (FUT) can help you achieve a natural-looking hairline to help boost self-confidence about your appearance.

What is an FUT Hair Transplant?

During a follicular unit transfer, a surgeon meticulously removes a strip of hair tissue from the sides or back of the head. This tissue consists of hair follicles that are transplanted to balding or thinning areas to help achieve natural thickness. This method extracts approximately twice as many follicles as a follicular unit extraction. An FUT can extract approximately 4,000 hair follicles in a single session.

Any scarring will be hidden by the hair, so it is not noticeable by others. You may resume normal activities after the procedure. During recovery, patients may experience scabbing and mild soreness that will naturally heal within the first few weeks. You will receive special aftercare instructions from your surgeon to help you minimize these side effects. Multiple treatments may be needed over the course of a year to achieve desired results.

Ideal FUT Hair Transplant Candidates

Individuals who are interested in a follicular unit transfer should be in good health and have realistic expectations regarding achievable results. Men and women also need to have a sufficient amount of high-quality donor hair and scalp elasticity for the procedure. Consultation with a board certified surgeon can help determine if you are an ideal candidate.

Request a Follicular Unit Transfer Consultation

A follicular unit transfer can be an ideal hair restoration solution for men or women struggling with excessive balding in Reno, Nevada. Dr. Erez Dayan at Avance Hair Transplant is a board certified reconstructive surgeon specializing in state-of-the-art hair restoration techniques. During an appointment, Dr. Dayan can recommend a personalized treatment plan to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Boost your appearance and self-confidence by scheduling a consultation for a follicular unit transfer today.





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