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Hormone Therapy Reno, NV

Hormone Therapy for Hair Loss

Unbalanced hormones as you get older can have a significant impact on your hair. Hormone therapy for hair loss can be effective for both men and women to boost self-confidence and grow a healthy head of hair. Avance Hair Transplant specializes in the most advanced non-surgical hair growth solutions to help you look and feel your best.

Lake Tahoe Balding Reversal Treatment

Hormone therapy for hair loss can be effective as a balding reversal treatment for men and women in Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada. Estrogen and testosterone both play a significant role with hair growth and loss. Drops in levels can cause your hair to remain in the resting phase. This leads to thinning and breakage that increases over time. By restoring hormone levels, you can bring hair back into the growth phase for a thicker and healthier head of hair.

A proper diagnosis by an experienced medical professional is necessary to determine if hormones are the cause of your hair loss. Thinning and balding can be caused by a multitude of factors such as genetics, medications and health conditions. If hormones are not the cause of your hair loss, this therapy will not be effective for you.

Ideal Candidates for Hormone Therapy for Hair Loss

While hormone therapy can be an effective solution for hair loss, there can be risks and complications for certain individuals. If you are at high risk for certain medical conditions such as blood clots, heart disease or cancer, you may need to consider alternative options. It is highly recommended to have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. During the appointment, the surgeon can review your medical history to determine if this hair restoration method is right for you.

Is Hormone Therapy Right for You?

Hormone therapy can be one of the most effective treatment options for both men and women. Avance Hair Transplant tailors hair restoration treatments to meet your unique aesthetic needs and goals. During an in-person or virtual consultation, Dr. Erez Dayan can assess your situation and explain the benefits and risks. Schedule a consultation to determine if this hair restoration method is right for you today.




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