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Why Am I Losing Hair this Summer? Reno, NV
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Are you experiencing hair loss during the summer months? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many people experience hair loss during this time of year, and this happens for several reasons.

Common Reasons for Hair Loss in Summer

At Avance Hair Transplant in Reno, NV, Dr. Erez Dayan and our team frequently see patients who are experiencing more hair loss throughout the summer months. For someone already losing hair, this can be even more cause for concern. Several factors in the summer contribute to more hair loss.

Increased Sun Exposure

One of the main reasons for summer hair loss is increased exposure to the sun. The sun’s UV rays can damage hair follicles, making it difficult for them to produce healthy hair. The heat and humidity can cause excessive sweating, leading to hair breakage and damage.

Diet and Hydration

Another common cause of summer hair loss is a change in diet and hydration. During the summer, people tend to eat lighter, less nutritious foods and drink less water, which can lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These deficiencies can affect the overall health of the hair, leading to hair loss.


Hormone changes in the summer can trigger hair loss. For example, testosterone levels are usually higher in spring and autumn. Although testosterone is often considered a male hormone, it is present both in men and women and can cause summer hair loss.


Stress is also a factor that can contribute to hair loss during the summer months. Many people experience increased stress during this time of year due to travel, social events and other factors. This stress can affect the body’s hormonal balance, leading to hair loss.

Chlorine Exposure

Summertime means more swimming, and hair gets wet with chlorinated pool water. Pool water often contains other chemicals that can damage your hair. Chlorine especially contains chemical properties that dry your hair shaft and release sebum, making it dull, brittle, rough and easily broken.

Summertime Hairstyles

Certain hairstyles and hair treatments can cause summer hair loss. Excessive heat styling, chemical treatments and tight hairstyles can all lead to hair breakage and damage.

How Can I Prevent Summer Hair Loss?

Protecting your hair from the sun’s UV rays is important to prevent summertime hair loss. Wear a hat or use a protective hair product with SPF. Additionally, make sure to eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated. Reduce stress by practicing relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation. Focus on being gentle with your hair and avoid excessive heat styling, chemical treatments and tight hairstyles.

If you are experiencing summer hair loss, schedule a visit with Dr. Dayan and his professional hair replacement team at Avance Hair Transplant in Reno. We offer several non-surgical treatments to help prevent hair loss or regrow lost hair, and we use the most advanced techniques in hair replacement. Call or message us online today for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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