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What Does Your Hair Symbolize for You? Reno, NV
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For some people, hair isn’t all that important. Some women embrace the beauty of the gray, and some men accept going bald, especially when it’s a family trait. However, hair is significant for many people related to status, identity, or culture.

If your hair symbolizes cultural or social identity, thinning or balding can greatly impact how you perceive yourself. Hair loss affects both women and men, with the condition becoming more noticeable with age.

Hair Loss Percentages According to Age

Hair loss typically increases incrementally with age. For example, approximately 20% of men in their 20s will suffer noticeable hair loss. However, 66% of men do not experience significant hair loss until they are in their 60s.

Women are more likely to suffer hair loss due to styling, hereditary conditions, or health problems such as alopecia. For example, tight ponytails can damage the follicles and lead to thinning. In addition, alopecia is often caused by stress, resulting in patchy hair loss.

Social Status & Hair

Hair plays a significant role in social status among many groups. Punks favor flamboyant hairstyles such as the multicolored Mohawk. Heavy metal fans are more associated with long, flowing hair. Then some prefer hair that is glamorous and styled to perfection.

All these hairstyles indicate affiliation with particular social groups. Hair loss prevents individuals from establishing their identity. You can reestablish your place in society with hair restoration treatment and truly express who you are.

Cultural Hairstyles

Every culture has historically included groups that used hairstyles to identify their affiliations. Even today, Indigenous peoples proudly adhere to age-old traditions that include wearing hair in styles that honor their ancestral way of life.

In some cases, cultural hairstyles are a symbol of status. In other cultures, hairstyles may represent membership in a particular family or clan. Those who are passionate about preserving cultural hairstyles may seek restoration treatments to address noticeable hair loss.

If your hair holds great significance to you, hair loss can feel devastating. At Avance Hair Transplant, we offer effective and long-lasting solutions. Contact our Reno, Nevada offices for a consultation today.

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