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Post-Hair-Transplant Vitamin Supplements That Work Best Reno, NV

You got a hair transplant and now want to do anything you can to maximize the outcome’s success. Understandably, since you invested in this hair restoration procedure to improve your appearance, you want that improvement to last.

But are there ways to improve the odds that your hair will grow back and help it do so at its fullest potential? Yes! One of these is to take vitamin supplements, which provide the body with a boost of essential elements that promote hair growth. However, this raises a second question: which supplements should you take?

Post-Hair-Transplant Supplements for the Best Possible Hair Growth Success

Knowing which vitamins are safe and advisable to take after a hair transplant is essential, as this is an integral part of the recovery process, which dictates the outcome’s level of success. Generally, post-op guidelines will include an instruction to take Zinc, B-Complex and Vitamins A, C, D and E supplements for improved scalp healing and hair growth.

You can get these nutrients from healthy meals, but supplements are an indispensable backup. Even if you consume nutrient-dense foods, there is still the possibility you might not be eating a well-balanced diet every day, particularly one with enough of the vitamins and minerals necessary for hair health.


Zinc, a trace mineral, helps your body make DNA, cells and proteins. Factors essential to healthy hair – like Immunological function, DHT (a hormone) regulation and skin integrity – require it. Thus, a zinc deficiency can cause hair loss.

B-Complex Vitamins

Hair structure and growth depend on B-complex vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12). In addition, these vitamins help energy metabolism and wound clotting. You can get B-complex supplements that include all the B vitamins in one pill and isolated B-complex vitamin supplements (B7 and B12 are most helpful).

Biotin (B7) is commonly recommended to prevent hair loss and support healthy hair, nails and skin; a B7 deficiency causes hair loss and skin troubles. Thus, biotin is a popular OTC hair growth supplement used to increase follicle growth rate and stimulate keratin production.

Vitamin B12 helps supply nutrition and oxygen to injuries, which in this case is the operated areas.

Vitamins A, C, D and E

Since vitamin C is involved in all wound-healing processes, it can speed up scalp healing. In addition, it promotes neutrophil apoptosis and collagen synthesis, which helps heal wounds.

Vitamin A promotes sebum secretion, which keeps hair healthy by preventing breakage.

Vitamin E reduces scalp conditions connected with alopecia. In addition, it boosts scalp blood supply and hair development.

Vitamin D insufficiency can cause hair loss or impaired growth because it stimulates the development of new and old hair follicles.

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