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Hair Loss Prevention Tips Reno, NV
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Many people feel confident and attractive with a full head of healthy hair. That is why thinning hair can be upsetting. Fortunately, various ways to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth exist.

Why Do We Lose Hair?

The average lifespan of each human hair is between three and five years. Hair follicles undergo a continual cycle of growth, transition and rest. Hair thinning happens when something interferes with this growth cycle.

Hair loss is typically inherited and becomes more common as people age. Aside from aging, telogen effluvium is another prevalent cause of hair loss. This condition develops when more of your hair enters the rest cycle, during which it falls out. Causes of telogen effluvium include medication side effects, stress, an underlying health condition or pregnancy.

Avance Hair Transplant can assist if you are experiencing hair loss that is leaving you with patchiness, bald areas or big clumps of hair falling out. Meanwhile, following these tips may keep your hair loss from getting any worse.

Tips For Preventing Hair Loss

Avoid pulling hairstyles. Research demonstrates that you can only stretch hair so far before it breaks. Cornrows, tight braids and ponytails pull hair away from the scalp and weaken the bond over time.

Use mild shampoo. Shampoo overuse can damage hair. Sulfates and other ingredients cause scalp dryness, frizz and fragile hair. In addition, harsh chemicals may cause damage, which leads to hair loss. Thus, opt for an all-natural shampoo, especially if your hair is dry and frizzy.

Avoid hot styling tools. Heat styling dehydrates and damages hair follicles. By expanding moisture in hair shafts, hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons can damage hair over time.

Adopt a protein-rich diet. Protein deficiency can slow hair growth. Vegans and vegetarians may need more protein; 40–60 grams daily is the minimum requirement. You can drink your protein or eat beans, eggs and Greek yogurt if you do not want to eat meat.

Take vitamin supplements. Your doctor can test for vitamin deficiencies. Hair development is impacted by vitamins A, B, C, D and E, zinc palmetto, calcium, selenium and iron. In addition, try biotin forte with zinc because it supports hair, skin and muscle health.

Getting a Hair Transplant

If you continue to lose hair despite your best efforts, surgical and non-surgical medical procedures can help. Avance Hair Transplant offers various hair restoration treatments. Contact us today for further hair loss prevention advice or to schedule a consultation.

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