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Eating Habits Directly Affect Hair Growth Reno, NV
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The condition of your hair is directly related to your body’s nutrient stores. Something wrong with the body often shows up first in the hair. For example, hair loss is often the first sign of a problem with the immune system or a lack of nutrients.

Many studies show the correlation between malnutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and hair loss. As a result, those who suffer from a family history of balding will see the harmful effects of malnutrition manifest faster and more severely.

Indeed, the impacts of what you eat on your body are far-reaching. For example, a diet low in fatty acids and other vital nutrients may stunt new hair development, especially after a hair implant.

Hair Growth Post-Transplant

About six months after the hair transplant, the roots will have fully developed and the hair will have reached its final length. Maintaining a good diet and exercise routine during this time will aid healing and outcome.

Adopting healthy eating habits before, during and after surgery will help hair follicles develop and replenish efficiently. Remember that removing the underlying causes of your hair loss in addition to undergoing a hair transplant is essential, so changing your eating habits might be necessary.

The Idea Diet for Optimal Hair Growth

The “shock hair loss” period often lasts two months after the transplant. However, patients can lessen “surgical shock” (and in some cases altogether avoid it) by eating well before surgery. In particular, a diet rich in iron and zinc, both of which are critical to the development of robust hair follicles.

Protein is also vital, as are vitamins A, B, C and E and omega-3 fatty acids. But how do these elements affect hair growth?
Hair’s structure is made of protein. The vitamins have different jobs: helping cells grow, ensuring they are strong and assisting damaged tissues in healing. Omega-3 also facilitates healing. However, foods high in saturated fat are not suitable for recovery.

Water is equally essential. Drink eight glasses of water or more a day to prevent dry scalp hair loss.

Contact Avance Hair Transplant for More Healthy-Hair Eating Tips

Aside from diet, stress is another significant influence on hair growth success. Do not worry if you are unsure of what you should or should not eat.

When you visit Avance Hair Transplant for your consultation, our team of medical professionals will provide you with all the information and tips you need for a successful hair transplant outcome. Contact us anytime to schedule an appointment or ask questions.

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